What To Put Into Gift Boxes

When talking about packaging, you can’t fail to appreciate gift boxes. These come in various sizes, themes, and shapes to match different occasions. The best thing is the ability to get custom-made boxes to fit your needs. There are various gift boxes on the market used to package various items. Using gift boxes is limited by your creativity and imagination. Below are some items that you can put into gift boxes.


The obvious items to keep in these boxes are gifts just like the name. Various occasions in life require gift-giving. You can give a gift on an occasion like a birthday, wedding, anniversary, staff party, or any other occasion. Presentation matters a lot during gift giving and this makes gift boxes inevitable. These boxes come in various shapes, designs, and materials to match your needs. The ideal gift-giving moment is followed by a pleasant unboxing experience.

Less-frequently used items

Gift boxes come in various sizes making it easy to choose those to store items you don’t use regularly at home or in the office. You can customize the boxes to make identification easy. In the office, you can store items including important paperwork and documents in the gift boxes. Some of the items you can keep in gift boxes at home include:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Underwear
  • Old appliances
  • Pictures
  • Memorabilia

If you have a hobby, you can buy gift boxes for storing your materials including sewing materials and trinkets. Storing each item in a different box makes retrieving easier and effortlessly. You can have a different color for the contents in each gift box.

Décor items

Gift boxes are also ideal for holding décor items in a home or office. These boxes come in unique and attractive designs. This allows selecting those for holding flower vases, tissue, or photo frames to enhance your decor. Additionally, small gift boxes make decorative pencil holders in an office or as candle holders in a home. Using your creativity and imagination allows using gift boxes in various ways you have never thought of to enhance the décor in your home or office.


In a home with kids, you can use gift boxes to store dolls. Additionally, you can even make a nice dollhouse from the gift box. Remove the lid from the box and draw windows and doors at the bottom. This becomes the front of the dollhouse after spray painting the outside of the box. You can also pain the inside carefully to create a beautiful dollhouse. Bigger gift boxes make bigger dollhouses and stacking boxes allows making a dollhouse with storeys.


You can also keep your items of sentimental value in gift boxes for safety. Luckily, these boxes come in various shapes, designs, and sizes to allow picking a box to match your items. You can decorate the outside of the box with paint or paper to make it look nicer. There is no better way to keep your favorite items than in a box in your favorite color.

To keep various items in the same gift box, you can divide the inside into smaller sections using cardboards or index cards. This is by folding a side of the cardboard by ¼ inch and applying glue on the folded section according to your liking. Doing this allows creating sections in the gift box to keep your items including pearls, heirloom jewelry, and other items safely.


When selling items in your store such as candies, you can use view top stationary boxes. These boxes are FDA approved to handle food items. Using these boxes makes it easier for shoppers to see them leading to the generation of more sales. A reputable supplier is your best stop to get boxes in the right size, design, and color to match your product needs.

Party favors

Gift boxes are appropriate for various occasions including important celebrations at work or home. Party favors are popular at weddings and other functions. The use of appropriate gift boxes creates a more pleasant unboxing experience for the recipients. Luckily, you can have the boxes personalized with your name or company logo to make a lasting impression.

The boxes come in various shapes, colors, designs, and sizes to match various needs. This allows handling various party favors including:

  • Wine bottles
  • Perfume
  • Doughnuts
  • Handmade soaps
  • Flower arrangements
  • Mini champagne bottles
  • Personalized blankets
  • Glitter marshmallows

Wrapping up

Packaging can break or make your gift-giving experience. Gift boxes come in various designs, shapes, and sizes to support various items on multiple occasions. The best thing about using gift boxes is supporting various items apart from gifts including party favors, keepsakes, dolls, and décor items. A reputable supplier online is your best source for gift boxes. Opt for one who can customize the gift boxes with your brand and match your item size.

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