Want To Master Digital Trending- Here are the trends that you need to follow!


In this modern world, the 21st century, mobile phones, technology, fashion, and everything is been digitized, including MARKETING. Marketing is now drifted towards the digital side and has a new landscape which includes- pay per click, content marketing, SEO, ads, SMM, and a lot more.

Whether you are a small business owner or an established one, you simply cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing. According to HubSpot- marketing is all about connecting the people to right place at right time, and digital marketing is the process of leveraging all digital channels to accomplish this goal.

So, if you are also looking to explore the awareness of your brand among new leads and clients, here are the trends that you need to have an eye on

Make Sure You Use Artificial Intelligence

 According to a research by Gartner, 85% of the interactions will be managed without a need of a human being by 2020.

Not only this, AI is also bound to play a major role in digital marketing as well. Whether you work through social media or by your own web store, Artificial Intelligence will help you analyze the client’s behavior, use the data from their social media activities, and will help you understand how they find your products and more.

Furthermore, it will offer tips to the users by getting into the conversations and will help the businesses accelerate their growth in no time.

Be The Master Of Micro Moments

According to Google, micro moments are those small moments where the clients expect the brands to fulfill their needs in an instant.

For example- when a customer needs to search about a product or service, they often tend to reach for their phone and search for the service. And, only successful and developing businesses have the tendency to anticipate their requirements and cater to them.

Spend a Little on Social Media

 78% of the business owners and marketers are going to spend more in the coming years on social media marketing.

And, why not!Social media not only gives you a chance to build the brand, but also lets you have customer acquisition and takes your business to next levels.

Consider Using Customer-Centric Content

Content should be your core focus when you are designing a digital marketing plan.

But make sure it is a no-fluff content; your content should be dynamically rich and must have everything about your customer. Drift away from the standard and static content and create a functional yet dynamic web page that delivers the top notch content.

Have You Given A Thought To Voice Search

A research published on Forbes says that, by 2020, 50% of the searches will take place through voice, which certainly means keywords will have less importance. Moreover, as Alexa and Siri are becoming part of everyone’s lives, you will also have to focus on that part of the spectrum.

So, if you consider voice search, focus on general topics, local SEO, and longer keywords. Also, as the keywords will have high competition, you must also start to narrow your focus a bit.

Final Words

There is no denying that online marketing trends have changed a lot since the last decade. However, the key is to stay on the top of the digital marketing trends and figure out what works for your business.

What worked for your business yesterday may not work today as new trends keep on emerging. Also, remember that content marketing, mobile marketing video, and chat bots will always remain on the top of the game, regardless of the business type.

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