Under The Radar Destinations That You Need To Visit In 2019


This year must be almost ever, but who says that you cannot plan your next getaway? We know that world is getting smaller.

Thanks to the evolving digital spaces, mode of transportation, and more. But who says that, in a small space that you need to hit the same tourist spots again?

There are still some places left unexplored and some are still more off the beaten path. Intrigued?

While you open the browser, pack your bag; think of a new place, Newznext gives you power packed inclusion for your 2019 bucket list. Read here-

Bacalar, Mexico

Although travel lists are topped with Europe, Paris, and more, but was Mexico in your thoughts?

Sitting at a position next to Maldives, Mexico is known as home to the stunning yet incredible “Lake of Seven Colors.” According to VisitMexico- this place was once an

outpost for the pirates in 17th and 18th centuries.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Set in the other world of a Middle Eastern desert, this place worked as sets of some popular sci-films including, Prometheus, Rogue One, and more. While we look for new travel experiences, but witnessing movie sets in real is no short of amazing.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan that is best known for its mosque and mausoleums. Situated on the ancient road, it links China to the Mediterranean, and is one of the most prosperous stops of Silk Road. Moreover, it was found between the 7th and 8th centuries BCE.


Known as the Spice Island, it is considered as under the radar gems of Caribbean. This destination has preserved forests, unspoiled beaches, and is equipped with one of a kind local cuisine and culture.

Along the main economic force of Grenade is “Tourism.” The water sports and conventional beach is quite prominent in Southwest region along with the coastal and airport strip as well.

Not only this, it also has many idyllic beaches around including long Grand Anse Beach in St. George, which is 3km and is also known as one of the finest beaches around the world. With the beaches, it also has notable waterfalls including Annandale waterfalls, seven sisters, tufton, and Mount Caramel as well.

Kigali, Rwanda

Known by the name of “The Land Of Thousand Hill”, it is one unique under the radar destinations where you can see Mountain Gorillas live in the National Park. Since its independence in 1962, Rwanda has been the best cultural, transport and economic hub in this region

Moreover, is one of the safest cities in Africa and is quite near to Akagera National Park to enjoy a safari ride at all times.

Nusa Penida, Indonesia

According to The Jakarta Post, Bali attracts seven million tourists a year. Although, Bali is not considered as off the beaten path, but the lesser known Nusa Penida is worth a consideration.

With a maximum altitude of 524 meters, Nusa Penida has a bird sanctuary that is created by the regulations of traditional Balinese. Along with the sanctuary, it has wide area of word’s leading dive sites that includes BatuLumbung, Penida Bay, Malibu point, Manta Bay, ToyaPakeh, and Crystal Bay.

The Bottom Line

How can you even stop yourself from traveling these amazing destinations across the world? And in case, if you are looking for reasons, travel experts says that you need to travel as it is important to imbibe in the amazing architecture of destinations, it is great to unplug, and then you get new experiences that help you to grow.

So, which place do you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.


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