Top Sexy Male Stripper Costume Ideas For Perfect Hens Party

When it comes to bachelor parties, there are tons of ways to celebrate the last hurray as a “single” girl. And for the bridesmaids who are looking to celebrate their best friend who will soon be married, adding a touch excitement by calling a male stripper in costume is essential to have a plan!

So, to help you out and make your party memorable, we have discussed a quick list to give you some costume ideas we are sure would look jaw dropping on those handsome strippers.

Check it out!

Sexy Police Man

Police costumes are popular with male strippers hired for hen parties, and it never gets old. If you’ve been a naughty boy or girl, prepare to be handcuffed and punished by a hot and sexy fake cop. The thrill of being under the mercy of half-naked law enforcement adds to the excitement of the show.

The hot police arrive to stop the ladies because they are boisterous and noisy, but decide that he can join the fun, making the ladies more boisterous and loud than ever!

Naughty Male Doctor or Nurse

Doctors or nurses costumes have been left to women for too long. But with a male stripper in doctor or nurse can play the role incredibly. They will help you clean up, prepare your medicines i.e., delicious cocktails or mocktails and get back in shape so you can have fun all night at the party. So, let your male nurse take care of you and your hens during your special evening.

Classic Bow Tie

This is the useful standard uniform, a classic male stripper costume. For this look, men dressed in nothing but tight pants and a bow tie to tease the hens at the party.

Male strippers can do in many ways, maybe the pants are replaced with a skinny apron, perhaps the night starts with a shirt, and it’s your choice! This is what you might want to stick with for a corporate event or a fancy hen party. Visit website to check the real look!


It is a classic routine seen in popular American male striptease shows. It is an excellent choice for a beginner who does not have much dance experience, as this routine can focus on “romance” in showing personality and slow teasing as opposed to a high energy routine with an emphasis on dance moves and lap dance tricks.

Smoking Firefighter

Who needs rescue? The flames will certainly be fanned at warmer temperatures when the smoking and smoking firefighter enters. The firefighter costume is more popular with male strippers. Half-naked firefighters can undoubtedly fuel the frenzy of wild females. Expect the heat to be increased, not the other way around.

If you have a specific theme or costume in mind that you want your male stripper to wear in your hens party, don’t hesitate to ask them when you book. Your friends and revelers will surely have the night of their lives, and they thank you for it. Do check here for more ideas!

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