Tips To Make A Real Estate Video To Sell The Houses Quickly

In recent years with the development of technology, the real estate market has also come online. Even a few years back, people used to rely on cold calling and traditional marketing techniques for real estate. But now this sector heavily depends on social media or online marketing. Most of the realtors have an idea about how much social media impacts their customers. Although real estate business fails to take advantage of social media, this platform is a lead generator for real estate businesses. For video marketing, the real estate businesses should opt for YouTube as it is the most popular website for video streaming. YouTube intro videos can help your business attract more customers. 

Ways to create a real estate video

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know and use for creating the real estate video that will help you shine. This will also help you sell the house in no time.

Choosing the right gear

There are many fast-paced customers in the real estate market nowadays so every realtor should use the evolving technology and videos to sell their houses. We will discuss in detail about shooting a video that will help you sell the house very easily. Few gadgets and equipment you will need are:

  • A DSLR camera
  • Tripod with a slider
  • A tripod head which will sit on top of the slider
  • A wide-angle zoom lens of 16-35mm or 17-40mm.
  • A drone but it is optional.

For those who are wondering about lights, you won’t need them. The trick is to use the natural lights for both interior and exterior shoots. As you will shoot in natural lighting, make sure the weather isn’t gloomy. A partly cloudy day will help you get the best shot; hence one should know that the weather is key.

Try and avoid fish eye.

Most of us make the mistake of utilizing a wide-angle lens such as a fish eye that helps a small room look bigger. But experts suggest you not to do it. If you use the wide-angle lens, it will make the room look bigger, but customers might feel cheated when they see the place in person. Try to use the power of video and showcase the rooms and the house exactly the way it is by getting the best angles. It is suggested to opt for a less distorted lens such as the 17-40mm or 16-35mm for your shots.

Make sure the house is tidy.

No one likes to look at a house that is not clean. Take a walk throughout the house before you start shooting the video and see if there is any place that needs tiding. As a realtor, your goal is to hide all the imperfections that won’t look good on the camera. A few adjustments you might desire to make are:

  • Decluttering the tabletops and counters.
  • Make sure to adjust the couch pillow.
  • Hiding your pets.
  • Close the toilet seats.
  • Close the closet doors.
  • Do not show the pictures of the homeowner.
  • Smoothing the wrinkled bed sheets.

Plan your shots carefully

When you start shooting the video make sure to take 2 to 3 shots of each bedroom and bathroom. But one should take multiple shots of the important rooms of the house such as the kitchen, master suite, or the living room. Having various shots from various angles help the customers picture the room more clearly. But it is essential to remember not to overshoot. If you have a good shot already then move on to the next shot. And if you are not happy with a shot, delete it and shoot again. This will help you during editing the video for YouTube. Interior of the house will require more shots than the exterior. Having about 10 to 12 shots of the exterior will get the job done. For the front and back part of the house use wide-angle lenses, and for the yard, front door, or any other unique part get a closeup shot.

Focus on shooting the video

A real estate video helps you introduce a motion in a still environment. This is why most realtors rely on slides and glides. Slides help you to make the wide-angle shots interesting while capturing the entire room. Make sure to place the slider just outside the door to reveal the whole room. Sliding and panning help you to get a wrap-around effect. On the other hand, glides help the viewer come into the scene by moving the lens front and back. This is why we suggest you opt for a second tripod head. But make sure your slider is not visible. For a detailed shot of a room consisting of hardwood floor, tile or counter top, it is better to select pans and tilts. While shooting an indoor shot, make sure to focus on the camera setting. Keep the aperture number around f4 or 5.6 and balance the brightness by adjusting the shutter speed and ISO. To get an aerial shot, try and use a drone if it is available.

Make sure to edit the footage.

The last step is to edit the videos properly. Order your clips the way you want the viewers to watch the entire layout. Since you have taken a number of shots of each room try and use unique clips. Use the combination of slides and glides but make sure not to over show the room. There is various music available on the mentioned website from where you can choose the audio. 

Following the tips given above you can create a great real estate video that will help you sell the house quickly. There are various video editing tools available in the market that help the user create videos of their choice. But most of them are not free. For the realtors who are opting for real estate video marketing but have no idea about which software to use should visit In Video. This website is free to use and comes with a bunch of customization templates. Using these templates, you can create the video of your choice and also add various features such as animation, graphics and transitions.

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