Things To Enjoy In Cost Rica With Kids

Going on vacation is a wonderful moment to allow cool off the stress from the hectic schedule. Going with kids allows educating them on the importance of nature and wildlife conservation. There is no better destination than Costa Rica to enjoy the best of both worlds. With 25 percent of the country’s 19,700 square miles safe from future development, Costa Rica ranks high on environmental sustainability.

Top things to enjoy in Costa Rica with kids


Tortuguero National Park found in northeast Costa Rica is a 77,000-acre protected area to spearhead the country’s biodiversity conservation. The park has 11 ecosystems including:

  • Beaches
  • Lagoons
  • Swamps
  • Mangroves
  • Rainforest

The canals here allow endless opportunities to catch rare sightings of crocodiles, caiman, roseate spoonbills, and river otters. A quick scan through the trees allows catching glimpses of iguanas, sloths, and toucans.

Canopy walk

One of the most popular activities in Costa Rica is a visit to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This location has 6 ecological zones with extraordinary biodiversity including about 100 mammals, 400 birds, 120 reptiles and amphibians. Your kids will love the Nature Center here with a frog pond, butterfly garden, serpemtarium, and various hiking trails. The world-famous canopy tour offers tree-top views of butterflies and birds including:

  • Toucans
  • Howler
  • Capuchin
  • Resplendent Quetzal

Sea turtles conservation

If you want to visit the best place to vacation in Costa Rica with family, the coast is a wonderful idea. Here, look forward to taking part in sea turtle conservation. The beaches in the country are essential nesting grounds for turtle species including:

  • Hawksbills
  • Leatherbacks
  • Green sea turtles
  • Olive ridleys

Apart from leatherback turtles, all other turtles return to the beach on hatching beach to lay eggs. However, they need protection from poachers and other potential dangers. Together with your family, you can volunteers at Corps’ Sea Turtle for hands-on turtle conservation. This requires activities like releasing baby turtles back into the sea at the peak season.


Corcovado National Park is a protected area eating up a third of the 164-square-mile Osa Peninsula. According to National Geographic, it is the place with the most intense biological biodiversity on earth. The park is filled with wildlife including:

  • Sloths
  • Anteaters
  • Four monkey species
  • Poison dart frogs

Also, look forward to various rare species including jaguars, whales, Baird’s tapir, harpy eagles, and other marine mammals.

Whale watching

Marino Belleno is among Costa Rica’s newest national parks. This park has a “Whale’s Tail” visible when the water recedes at low tide. The park is located in one of the best places to watch whales in the Americas. Northern and Southern Humpback Whales usually migrate to Marino Bellena. This makes Costa Rica have the longest watching season in the world for humpback whales. Additionally, this park has 8.69 miles-long beaches and the part of the Pacific coast is home to the largest coral reef in Central America.

Tree planting

Various coastal communities across the globe are threatened by deforestation. Tree loss backed by climatic change is increasing ocean runoff, beach erosion, and habitat loss of various iconic species. Luckily, you and your family can assist with community reforestation projects. This includes collecting seeds, planting in the nursery, tree maintenance, and tree planting in designated places. Taking part in the project gets kids’ hands dirty for a good reason for protecting the environment.

Wildlife rescue

A family vacation in Costa Rica offers more than learning about nature conservation. Your family can play a part. Some of the various areas where you and the kids can engage in wildlife conservation include:

  • Quepos rainforest
  • Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, Dominical
  • La Tortuga Feliz, Caribbean coast

This gives volunteers and animal lovers a personal experience in protecting Costa Rica’s flora and fauna. When back home, everyone can share the joyful experience with friends and relatives to encourage others to travel too.

Hot springs

The northwestern part of Costa Rica is home to Arenal Volcano. This 5,480-foot landscape is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The mountain is dormant with geothermal activity heating groundwater to form multiple local hot springs. Your kids will enjoy splashing in the pools or stand under the intense pressure of the hot springs. This is a wonderful moment for parents to relax and enjoy basking in the verdant tropical scenery.

Monkey around

Manuel Antonio is the smallest national park in the country with 7.66 square miles. This doesn’t stop it from being among the most beautiful national parks in the world. It makes it a popular destination for travelers attracting about 150,000 annually. Some of the attractions in this park include:

  • Dynamic mountains
  • Abundant natural beauty
  • Gorgeous white sand beaches
  • Lush rainforest with 109 mammals and 184 birds


Now that you have understood the best things to do in Costa Rica with kids, there is no turning back. Finding a favorite destination in the country and booking your family vacation is easier with a few mouse clicks.

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