Things An AC Technician Does To Make The Unit Ready for summer

Life with an air conditioner with subpar performance is very frustrating. Working up a good sweat is good for your health but not doing it all the time especially indoors. Now is a wonderful moment to call a professional AC technician to make your unit ready for summer. This ensures that when the weather finally heats up, your AC will avail cool air.

Here’s a check

Before going any further, you have to understand the need to call an expert. Handling an AC unit is for professionals since the unit has various electrically powered moving parts. Your safety is paramount when handling issues involving electricity. Before working on your AC, power is turned off at the breaker box to avoid electrocution. Additionally, technicians understand the presence of capacitors that hold a charge much longer when handling the condenser unit.

Things AC technicians do to make the unit ready for summer

Filter replacement

Replacing filters in your air conditioning unit is required regularly. The filters are in the large vents on the ceiling or wall. Air enters the unit through the filters for cooling. Over time, dust or danger can clog the filters. This encourages the unit from working efficiently, costs more money, and allows the presence of warmer air indoors. The AC technician understands how to open the vent to replace the filters with the appropriate size. Additionally, professionals understand the sizing and leading industry brands. Changing the filters is about twice annually.

Cleaning and clearing around the condenser

This large unit sits outside your home for heat exchange to take place. This cools the air entering your home. Ignoring to maintain the condenser prohibits the air conditioner unit from performing efficiently. It also triggers issues that are more significant. To find air conditioning repair Houston is a smart move. This allows eliminating plants growing closer to the condenser. Additionally, the technician also removes any debris near the device for efficient airflow.

The condenser screens need pressure washing to prevent clogging. Ignoring this might make the unit work harder. Professions use special cleaning fluid that breaks down stuck-on gunk. While clearing the area near the condenser, the technician looks out for loose bolts. Tightening these eliminates various problems in the future. The technician also removes the cage to clean the fan blades or add lubricant to the ports to allow smooth operation.

Checking the thermostat

Your thermostat tells the AC unit to turn on or off. An out-dated, worn out, or damaged thermostat finds it hard to maintain an ideal temperature. This is very bad during the summer when the weather heats up. Large temperature swings throughout the day are a sign that the thermostat doesn’t work correctly. With the sensor off and the AC unit still working, there is less likelihood of getting comfortable in your home.

If you still use a dial-type thermostat, its high time you updated it. This might seem working but not at par with your current requirements. The technician will help you select a modern thermostat that fits your budget and needs. Smart thermostats are programmable and allow managing temperature from a smartphone or computer.

Going over your duct work

The technician ensures proper ventilation of your returns and registers. This requires making sure that you don’t place furniture or rugs to obstruct them. Equally important is checking for holes and cracks that might expose your ductwork. The technician can fix any of these with duct tape. Equally important is checking where the ducts enter the air conditioning unit. The technician will fix any holes discovered.

Checking coolant lines

These run from the condenser unit located outside your home and connect to the air handler. The technician checks the coolant lines to ensure they are to work well throughout the summer. Appropriate insulation is required on the coolant lines to keep hot air from the metal line. The technician will replace any ripped or damaged insulation easily within a short while.

Your role to make the AC summer ready

Redirect the louvers

People who use a split system in winter have their louvers directed downwards. Hot air rises and keeping the louvers downwards encourages air circulation in winter. Positioning the louvers towards the ceiling in summer allows the circulation of cool air through your home. Louvers with 3D auto airflow spread the air evenly. This ensures cool indoors through the hot summer.

Prep your home

Closing all blinds during the day blocks entry of sunlight. This might enter your home and heat it. If you have rugs, remove them in the meantime to lower ambient temperature. Doing this allows your air conditioner to cool the home. The best thing is saving on running costs of the unit throughout the summer.

In a nutshell

The air conditioner is an essential element in a home. This works tirelessly to maintain ideal temperature throughout the seasons. Calling a technician to service or repair your unit is a good ideal before the summer season comes.

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