The Cost and Application of the United States Entry Waiver

US Entry Waivers -

Among the places many people want to visit at any moment of their lifetimes is the United States of America. This is due to its perceived economic strength that makes it a place where there are many employment and business opportunities.

The United States, however, has strict immigration policies that seldom allow persons with a previous criminal history from their home countries. To sort this out, Canada has the United States entry waiver.

What is the United States Entry Waiver?

The United States entry waiver is a document that is issued by the homeland security department. This document allows for the entry of Canadian citizens with a criminal history into the United States by waiving the previous criminal charges.

This waiver acts as a pardon and ensures you have a hassle-free experience when moving into the United States of America. It is valid for a certain period of time from 1-year to 5-years.

The validity of this waiver is dependent on the nature of crimes that you committed while in Canada.With this waiver, you have a legal permit of moving into the United States despite your criminal history.

Application of the US Entry Waiver

The application of this waiver can prove to be very difficult and time-consuming when making the application on your own. That is why there are professionals and agencies that can help you in tackling this.

To start your application you need to put into consideration a lot of things such as your criminal record in Canada as well as the cost of a waiver for preparation. If you have a criminal record then you truly need this waiver.

You then need to have your fingerprints taken for storage at the database for use both in Canada and the United States. With your fingerprints, it is easy to make a renewal of the waiver once it expires. You also need to provide supporting documentation such as court file copies of the cases you were involved in as well as letters of references from the station where you were arrested.

Employment income is also required as well as rehabilitation indications with drug tests as proof in case an arrest was made due to drug use.You finally need to submit all of these documents to the relevant bodies for your waiver.

The Cost of the Waiver

The cost of a waiver ranges in price and is dependent on the urgency as well as how much you have on you.There are two packages for obtaining the waiver the premium package and the executive package.

The cost of a waiver under the premium package is $795 plus tax and you get a phone and email support. This is in addition to disbursement and court fees.

The executive package costs $1995 plus tax and comes with services such as fingerprinting at your house. Additionally, you get total support, disbursement and court fees catered for.


The United States entry waiver is a good way in which convicted Canadians can make it into the United States without any hassles. This gives them a chance to build themselves over again on their path to becoming responsible persons.


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