Seven Steps to Stop Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the bitter reality of the world we live in today. The term refers to stunts such as, kicking, spitting, pushing throwing acid or water, punching and so on. Generally, domestic violence begins from tiny attacks and then, if no measure is taken, increases in the frequency as well as intensity.

Women stand as the biggest victim of this menace, but men have also experienced horrible attacks.

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When it comes to domestic violence, the ratio of women, by far, takes precedence over men.

Here is the list of 7 measures one can take to stop domestic violence:

Awareness Holds the Key

The best way to deal with a problem is to not allow it to rise in the first place. Many experts educate the society of how the cons of domestic violence can really help to decline the graph of this nuisance.

Children should be educated about domestic violence right from an early age. Thus, schools are the best place to promote non-violence. Children also have the tendency to look upto their ideals and follow them. keeping that in mind, famous personalities from sports, show business and other industries should be attached to this noble cause to upscale the effectiveness of the message.

There is evidence that such programs have worked well in the past. For example, the participants of a successful program, Coaching Boys Into Men, were less likely to indulge in abusive behavior. In fact, quite the contrary, they even stopped their friends from showing anger in such an inhuman way.

The main goals of such programs is:

  • Raising awareness
  • Changing attitudes
  • Empowering with necessary skills in order to see off the domestic violence

Moreover, media campaigns can also chip in and contribute in the cause.

Support Services should be Sufficiently Funded

The lack of funding is a serious problem. Many social scientists who are concerned about the betterment of the society are doing researches on their own. But this is not enough given the grand scale of the problem.

Surely, there are agencies dedicated for this purpose and are doing their best in the limited reserves. Although, further improvement is required which is not possible without adequate resources.The government clearly needs to play at the forefront because in the given scenario, the demand is surpassing the supply.

Improved Co-ordination is Required

Domestic violence is not the product of a single thing. It is in fact woven in various social fabrics of our society. Therefore there are so many different sections of society playing their role to improve the situation of domestic violence. It includes  our education system, religious organizations, social services, women groups, criminal justice system and so on and so forth.

As they say, “united we stand, divided we fall”. All these segments of our society are giving their hundred percent in their personal capacity. However, they need to collaborate more to root out domestic violence.

Working with Victims

The victims of domestic violence lose confidence after being victimized. They are torn-apart from inside. It is very important to work with them and help them to live a normal life otherwise they can’t tactfully handle if the similar situation arises again. At times, the victim is so closely associated with the perpetrator that he can easily be manipulated for the domestic violence again. Such occurrences have been witnessed time and again.

More than anything else, emotional support is what they need the most. Sometimes the victim can feel reluctant to ask for help from authorities in their custody due to fear, lack of self-esteem and guilt. It is the duty of the practitioners to recognize their needs and respond to them in the most efficient way.

Moreover, investigating the victims of domestic violence can provide so many clues to the experts about what actually triggers domestic violence.

Working with Culprits

Irrespective of the crime, a culprit has all the rights to be treated fairly under custody. In simple terms, a due process should be followed without any kind of discrimination.

We have to understand one thing here; domestic violence could be more than a single issue. It might be the byproduct of outdated culture or traditions.Many perpetrators are living normal life today after undergoing the treatment programs. They have learned to walk away before they are out their sorts.

So along with the fair trial, as suggested by domestic violence defense lawyer kokomo, perpetrators can also be considered for the treatment programs which can address psychological barriers and influence their life in a positive way.

Economically empowering women

Women’s aid have reported that withholding money from their female partners is one of the main reasons why females have to stay with their abusers. Fear which comes from the weak financial standing is what reduces many women to bear with their violent partners because they are so much financially dependent on them.Even working women are sometimes paid less than men.

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The above graph shows deplorable wages gap between male and female

This is perhaps the biggest weak point of women. The government should work on creating equal opportunities for both the genders in every profession. A financially empowered woman will be in a much better position to speak up against this atrocity.

Police need to be Trained to deal with Domestic Violence

Police is the first line of defense for the victims of domestic violence. The police can either make or break a case. No compromises should be made on the training of police. It may seem like policemen are interested in physical fitness, but as the cases of domestic violence continues to become complex, more attention should be paid to make police force emotionally well-equips.

The crux of the whole explanation is that domestic violence is not completely out of hands. It can be controlled but not without taking the proper measurements like the ones listed above. It’s time to take this problem seriously before it gets worse.