SEO in 2019: How to Optimize Web Pages for RankBrain?

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Being an SEO expert, you need to know the tactics that would help in improving the rank of your website on search engine. Undoubtedly, Google has been a great help and support in the run of making this process of online marketing all the more easy and convenient for SEO experts and the users on the search engine trying to find the object of their need. RankBrain was created in the hope of creating more ease for the people finding trouble in writing down queries on the search engines.

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This feature of Google allows the user to reach their expected results despite not being too clear or specific on the requested query is written on Google search bar. What RankBrain does is break the query down in multiple components so that there are different parts that it could make relevant connections with the websites that adhere with the intent of the user. Its main purpose is to decipher the intent of the user. With that information, it connects the user with the most relevant website that precisely offers the answer requested by the user. This is why you need to have your website optimized for RankBrain so that you can make use of the content effectively. Also, you do not really have to compromise on anything that comes in the way of bringing attention and ultimately visitors to your site. You should embrace every trend in this field so that there is no stone unturned in ranking your website high on the search engines.

RankBrain surely is one extremely helpful feature yet there are a number of things that you can do on your part to help the content reach a good ranking on Google or other search engines. Those steps are stated below:

Pay Attention to the Content

The content on your page serves as the reflection of the quality your service provides. If the content is specific and helpful, it will itself makes its way to the customer. But sometimes, there are certain restrictions and limitations you have to keep in mind before plunging towards writing your heart out. That is when you need to rationalize on things by, first of all, reading on the ingredients that make up a good content, then learning all those content parts Google likes and is attracted to, then lastly, you need to check the relevancy of the content with the service you are offering to the audience.

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With all these points kept in mind, make sure the content that comes out is also effective and useful. There is a huge mass of people that you need to attract. It is indeed not easy to attract a good type of audience to your website and then to keep them coming, you definitely need to learn some tricks. Here’s one. You can simply make a content piece and then have it float around the websites in the form of guest posts. Go for high-authority websites. This will bring more visibility to your site. RankBrain silently observes how a website is performing so that it could enlist it in one of the most useful sites.

Length of the Keywords

It is highly important to note the length of the keywords used in the content piece. The reason is simple. RankBrain takes into account all the broken queries that people put on the search engine bars. What users do is write incomplete sentences or sometimes just a few words they think would bring the relevant results on Google.

RankBrain is handling that for Google now by categorizing similar results to a specific query and the same mechanism for the rest. Previously Google brought results based on the exact keywords used in the search engine. It means that different Google queries have different results. RankBrain changed this for Google by connecting the similar queries together, thus improving the results and the method of research.

Medium tail keyword serves just the right amount of words and size that fits the length of the query that comes to the mind of a user. This is the reason the focus on medium tail keywords, as opposed to long or short-tail, are preferred.

Observe like RankBrain

So far you have learned that what RankBrain does is peep into the minds of the users so that it can tell, without them verbally writing it out, what the intention of the user is. That’s exactly what you need to do. RankBrain teaches you how important your content is. It does not matter how smart you are at SEO tactics to climb ranks for your site but what it really cares about is your quality of the content that goes up on your site. This brings you to conclude that the content is back in the game of online marketing. In this process, RankBrain will help by providing you the flexibility of using unspecific keywords and in return doing the service of bringing the same results by relating the similar keywords to derive similar results. For example, if your article is about “Pants” and you have used the terms pantaloons, trousers, shorts or leggings, RankBrain will pick up each of the keywords to link with the other so that there are similar results shown on the screen of the user. What RankBrain does is look keenly into the mind of the user to search for his intent, which is the roadmap to his desire and needs.

Focus on the Click-Through rates

Google rates your website on the quality of your content and the keywords you have used to bring results on your site. The click-through rate is not that important for the quality score algorithm. What it cares about is the experience a user has on the specific site and that is where it gets its results from. It means that you need to make content that engages and interests your audience. The better the content, the more will click on your links.


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