PDF Or DOC? Which Format Is Better for Your Business

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This will depend on your working nature…

Microsoft Word DOC and Adobe PDF formats are a couple of globally recognized file formats. Each one has weaknesses and strengths. So, which one will you think best for your documents? Answer: It depends. Let us check out each of these 2 popular formats and determine that when it is suitable to use each.

The Best Time to Use PDF File Format


When your goal is to create a high-quality print in which specific page design and high-quality images are important, then PDF file is the obvious choice over word docs. PDF can easily make a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) document which makes certain that what you actually see on your computer screen is precisely what you will see in the print. PDF documents are supported by professional printers, while Word usually isn’t.

On top of that, PDF’s print-ready document transfer makes it simple to send a print-ready document to a printing device in another country or even another department with little if any rework required at the other end. You can also change the angles of your PDF document according to the print size you want to take. You can rotate file on Soda pdf online free rotate PDF tool.

Legal and Business Files

PDF’s are very important for legal and business files and formats that must sustain their specific look. Most of these important files must retain their security and integrity.

Combining Different Formats

PDF file makes it possible for you to import textual content from a Word file, images of different formats, vector graphics, Excel spreadsheets, plus much more into a single PDF file.

File Exchange

The PDF file is good for document exchange between people. It’s not only a compact file format, but it can also save information and metrics about its own appearance (content, layouts, font, color, and so forth.) within the file itself. Which means that it will not have to count on the print styles and adjustments that may or may not be presented in a user’s computer to display correctly.

The Best Time to Use Word File Format

Reusing Graphics

Graphics in a Word file are really easy to reuse and extract. This cannot be done with any PDF file, because its graphics are integrated.

Copingand Editing

It is obvious that MS word is a highly effective file editor. It has user-friendly style and compositional resources that make it possible for you to format the file as you design it. Using Word or the DOC file format, it’s easy to modify large areas of written text, change the steady stream between pages, and change font styles and sizes,

Bottom Line: The Best Format

The most effective strategy is one that includes the utilization of both of these formats. The Word file format is obviously the best option for coping and editing plus making adjustments to works-in-progress while the PDF file format is the recommended option for sharing, reading, and viewing documents. Therefore, you can easily maintain your original file in Word file format and then convert the file to PDF while it is finished and you’re ready to share it with other people.


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