Outdoor Staircase Safety Tips: How to Prevent Falls and Accidents

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With countless people getting treated for injuries related to falling, falls are one of the leading causes of non-critical and accidental injuries. According to the All Injury Program, the main causes of these accidents are a mix of poor lighting, design, and visibility are to blame for staircase falls, slips, and trips.

With these considered, the following are some tips to make your outdoor stairway safer, especially when there are a lot of people around, the elderly and kids in particular.

Make Sure Your Stairs Are Free From Clutter

One reason why people fall or trip is they did not notice that toy or shoe on the stairs. Having things lying around, especially on the stairs can cause someone to slip or lose their balance. Make sure your stairs are always free from clutter. Always remind people from your home not to leave things around to avoid accidents. This doesn’t only apply to the stairs, but to the entire house as well.

Build Safety Gates for Children and Toddlers

Many people oversee the importance of installing gates for their kids. This is why many children and toddlers are also prone to fall and slip accidents. Installing these safety gates will make sure that they are not playing on the stairs without you looking. For durable safety gates, you can go with those made from stainless steel casting. They are highly resistant to corrosion and you can bet they last for a long time.

Always Remind Everyone to Hold Onto the Handrail

People have this habit of walking on the stairs without looking on their steps and holding on the handrail. This is because they think they memorize stairs, wherever and whatever the design might be. People also tend to look only on the first step and the last few steps of the stairway. They don’t really pay attention to the stairs in-between. This is one of the reasons why they trip or slip.

Make it a habit to hold on the handrail and remind everyone to do so. Also, it would really be a good idea if your handrails are secured with stainless steel glass spigots. This way, you and other people in the house can rely on the handrail is sturdy enough that no accident or fall will happen.

Never Wax or Polish Your Stairway

Waxing or polishing your stairs may look beautiful, but they are inviting accidents and injuries to happen. They are quite slippery and will cause people to lose their balance. It’s never recommended to wax or polish the staircase especially when there are children and elderly around. It’s always better to clean your stairway, but find other methods that won’t cause them to become slippery.

Make Sure Your Stairs Are Well-lit At Night

Another effective way to avoid accidents on your stairway is to install good lighting to your stairs. There are creative ideas to light up your stairway. This will make your stairway both attractive and functional.

  • Lighting under the stairs – Lighting under each stair will give people proper visibility for each step they make. This is really useful when using the outdoor stairway during night time. This will avoid any trips that may cause further injuries to the person.
  • Lighting on the handrails – You can also put lighting on the handrails of your stairs. This will serve as the guide for people when going up and down. Holding on the handrails will provide support in case you or other people trip or slip. This could help prevent falls and other accidents.
  • Lighting on the walls – A great position for lighting on stairways is on the walls. This will give more visibility to the area. However, some don’t prefer this position as they don’t want others to have a full vision of their house. If you’re not bothered by it and prefer safer measures, then it’s a really good idea to light up the stairs through your walls.

These are only among the safety tips you’d need to observe when using your outdoor stairways. There are still a lot of precautions you could consider. However, the main point is you always need to be extra careful and should always watch your steps! Pass this message to keep your friends and loved ones safe!


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