Latest Trends in Third-Party IT Service Support

There is a substantial increase in the number of companies offering third-party IT support. Research says that the percentage is set to increase further in the next few years. With more and more businesses relying on the cloud platform, managed (outsourced/ third-party) services are gaining popularity.

There are many reasons for an enterprise to choose outside IT support rather than build an internal team. Cost, expertise, time, and effort are some of the common reasons. IT support services can be both on-demand services and managed services. While on-demand services are offered as and when requested by the enterprise, managed services include continuous monitoring on the IT system, maintaining hardware, software, and network, upgrading the system, and troubleshooting errors.

The enterprise and the service provider company have a long-term contract with annual payments that cover a wide array of IT support services. When an error occurs, the enterprise doesn’t have to search for an on-demand service provider or make any additional payment. This has helped enterprises to focus on the core business and increase productivity and returns.

With constantly changing technology at hand, IT support service providers too, are including new features to make it even easier for enterprises. The following are some of the latest trends in the market. The top IT service provider company in India stays ahead in the race and offers the best of the services to various enterprises.

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
    • Enterprises can get the entire IT infrastructure from third-party providers. Instead of spending money on buying new hardware, software, servers, installing networks, etc. the business gets access to the IT infrastructure provided by the company.
    • Startup enterprises and small businesses find this to be a highly cost-saving method compared to investing in building the infrastructure from scratch. This also makes it easy to scale the system and add more components as the business grows.
    • When the entire IT infrastructure is managed by a third-party company, enterprises can be assured that the system will be efficient, protected, and updated, without having to spend extra money.
  • Added Security
    • Security has always a matter of concern for businesses. While physical security can be handled, data and system security has been breached time and again by hackers. Over the years, this phenomenon has increased, despite the increase in antivirus software solutions.
    • Hackers seem to be adept at identifying the weak zones and targeting them to breach the security walls of an enterprise. It has become quite difficult for businesses to constantly patch up the IT system in an attempt to make it secure.
    • Third-party service providers do more than just provide data security. They start by understanding the system to find vulnerable areas and then work on creating a security solution that will prevent these areas from being targeted. And even if a breach were to happen, the service providers will block the attack and minimize data loss.
  • Automated Operations
    • One of the biggest advantages of using the latest technology is to automate recurring operations. Employees who previously spent hours at work repeating the same tasks are now able to be complete their work faster and focus on creating new projects.
    • Automation reduces the time taken to complete a task along with the money spent on it. Since most enterprises have repetitive daily operations, this is a great way to save money and increase employee productivity.
    • Automation also minimizes the chances of human error, thereby improving the overall quality of work. The top IT service provider company in India analysis the business and its operations to create a customized automated system for the enterprise. This increases in delivering high-quality products and services to customers and invariably improves customer satisfaction.
  • Cloud Computing
    • Ever since cloud services came into the market, enterprises have been attracted by the concept. While they are still debating about using a cloud platform to manage the business system, their attraction for it hasn’t decreased.
    • And with the top companies like Google and Microsoft offering a secure and versatile cloud platform, enterprises have long begun to migrate the business system to the cloud. This led to other private companies to offer similar cloud services.
    • In today’s market, private cloud hosting services are giving a healthy competition to Azure (Microsoft) and Google Cloud. The IT service providers will help enterprises create a comprehensive plan to migrate the business system to the cloud streamline the operations.

Considering the advantages of using third-party IT support, enterprises (small, medium, and large) should opt for managed services to improve their business and gain a better position in the market. The services are customized for each enterprise, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Why compromise on quality when it is available for a cost-effective price?

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