Is there an Alternative for Android? Find out!

Transferring files between smartphones or smartphones to computers must be hassle-free. That’s where Apple’s AirDrop service comes in handy. AirDrop makes transferring all files between iOS and other Apple devices easier.

The primary features of AirDrop are:

  • Quickly sharing files across Apple devices without the Internet
  • Option of rejecting or saving incoming files
  • Easily transferring videos, photos, contacts, map points, web pages, Evernote notes, etc.
  • Send multiple files simultaneously
  • A fast transfer without compromising the quality of the files and data
  • Customizable privacy settings so you can prevent unauthorized users from sending files

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So although AirDrop makes it fuss-free to transfer files, the software is not compatible with Android. However, there are excellent AirDrop alternatives for Android users, and you must check them out now.

AirDrop Alternatives for Android

  • Nearby Share

Nearby Share is the ultimate AirDrop alternative launched by Google. It is rolled out for devices using Android 6.0 and later. This feature allows users to share photos, files, videos, links, and more with Android devices.

Nearby Share uses your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth to transfer files. The feature also works in offline mode.

Nearby Share can detect the fastest available connection and use that to share files quickly. The feature detects a phone through Bluetooth.

To scan nearby devices, you must select Nearby Share. Once scanned, you can choose the nearby user you want to share files with. The receiver must also have the feature turned on for it to work.

  • WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a free application that allows you to transfer files quickly. You can also use it as cloud storage or an office suite. The device need not be in close proximity to work, and you can share up to 2GB of files. In addition, you can choose from several paid and free plans of WeTransfer.

Files can be transferred using the official web page from your web browser. Unfortunately, the app does not come with a mobile or PC application. Instead, you can use WeTransfer by opening the web page of WeTransfer and creating an account. Then, select the email address you want to send the files to and add files. Finally, tap on transfer, and the files will be sent.


SHAREIt is one of the first choices for sharing files between Android devices. It is one of the fastest file sharing apps offering cross-device compatibility. You can share notes, images, media, and texts from one device to another.

The app’s transfer rate is 20MB per second, and it comes with an in-built video player to stream HD video. You can share all kinds of files and media using this application. There’s a QR code scanning function to transfer files quickly.

  • Send Anywhere

The Send Anywhere software allows users to share documents and files with people across the globe. Therefore, it eliminates the prerequisite that most sharing apps have of being in a specific range.

The tool creates a peer-to-peer connection that allows users to share real-time content. That’s why it is a good AirDrop alternative for Android devices.

Unlike other cloud-based applications, Send Anywhere is different because it lets users send as many files as they want. The tool works seamlessly on Android, Chrome, iOS, Linux, and Windows OS. It bypasses cloud storage through a P2P connection and guarantees secure and faster file transfer.

During a transfer, a unique six-digit code is generated on the sender’s side, which the receiver must enter to set up a connection and complete the transfer.

Send Anywhere allows users 300MB mobile transfer and 800MB desktop transfer. You can send all types of files securely.

  • Xender

Xender is another excellent file sharing application and a great alternative to Apple’s AirDrop. The app wirelessly connects devices and is regarded as the platform that allows cross-platform file sharing. The application is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows.

The speed of file sharing on Xender is 200 times more than the traditional form of Bluetooth sharing. You can use the app to send videos, audio, apps, files, images, etc. Furthermore, multiple devices can stay connected via Xender and enjoy a frictionless transfer experience.

One of the primary reasons why users love Xender is because the app allows users to share apps seamlessly and quickly. You can also share videos and files on the go and transfer files in ZIP format. In addition, Xender lets users share files and documents with five devices simultaneously. Devices are connected using Wi-Fi.

The Bottom Line

Android users do not need to feel disheartened looking at the fun Apple users have with AirDrop. These AirDrop alternatives will let you share files, documents, images, and videos in a jiffy.

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