Importance of fountain pump in a pond

As an owner of a property that has a pond in it, you know how important it is to maintain the overall pond. A pond if ignored can become a source of many problems such as, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, it produces foul smell and it is unhealthy for all the aquatic organisms.

Why a Fountain?

If you live in an area that is prone to warm weather, the stagnant water in the pond becomes home for harmful elements and insects. Nobody wants to sit near a pond that is covered with green algae and releases the foul smell. However, when you install a fountain, it removes all these problems by continuously mixing water both above and below the surface.

People usually buy the wrong fountain for their pond, which results in wastage of money. If you are also confused about how to choose the best fountain then you are in luck. In this article, we have pointed out the essential points you need to remember while buying a fountain pump for the pond.

1) What is the size floating fountain to choose from?

The most common mistake people make is that they choose a fountain that has the flashiest pattern in which water goes high and wide. If your pond is smaller than the pattern, the pond will end up emptying itself.

You need to choose a fountain that is half the size of your pond so that the water remains in the pond. The shape and height of the water dictate the model and size of the motor.

2) Position of the fountain

Determine the position of the fountain and calculate the length of the cord that is needed to power the pump. If you are buying a single fountain, make sure the cable is long is enough to go underwater and then come up along the slope to the power switch. If you decide multiple fountain pumps, you should form the connection so that all the cables are connected properly and can easily reach the power switch.

If you face trouble with the installation, you can always call a professional for help.

A floating fountain adds more dissolved oxygen throughout the water body, which reduces the damage done by the stagnant water. These fountains are not only visually pleasing but they also work great for shallow symmetrical ponds. The submerged aeration system dissolves fresh oxygen in the water, which increases the oxygen level in deep water as well.

A good quality aeration system is important for promoting a balanced ecosystem. This floating pond fountain provides many benefits that help in improving and maintaining the aquatic system.

These are some of the benefits of using Pond Aeration system:

  1. Improves Water Quality: Due to low levels of oxygen, bottom sediments release harmful gases that degrades the overall water quality. By using a proper aeration system, fresh oxygen is mixed to the water body that converts phosphorus in a form that is not usable by algae to make food. Also, the system removes algae spores, which restricts their growth.
  2. Removes odors: When the water is stagnant for too long, there an increase in the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas produced that causes foul odor. As the bottom sediments mix with fresh and dissolved oxygen, these odor-causing elements are eliminated, which makes water fresh.
  3. Enhances aquatic habitat: Stratification occurs when the temperature of the water is changed by different layers of water formed at the different depth based on the density. This thermal stratification results in depletion of oxygen, which can cause an overall decline in the ecosystem and leads to the death of the fishes and other aquatic organisms present in the water body. When an aeration system is installed, it creates a much healthier habitat for the fish and other aquatic organisms.
  4. Decrease growth of mosquitoes: Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes where they lay their eggs. When you install a fountain pump, the water continuously moves which reduces the growth of these mosquitoes. It also acts as a natural mosquito control system.
  5. Reduces the accumulation of bottom sediment: Because of low oxygen levels, organic matter in the water decomposes slowly, which leads to the buildup of bottom sediments. A fountain pump provides continuous support of fresh oxygen that helps reduce the overall accumulation of bottom sediments, which prevents the need for future dredging.

When you buy a floating pond fountain, you not only make your pond visually pleasing but also improves its ecosystem. So, next time when you go out to buy a pump use these points so that you choose the right pump for your fountain.

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