How to Make A Fashion Statement With Mala Beads

Mala beads are associated with various traditions including yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, and medication. A Mala has a string of beads in sets of 108 repetitions for counting mantras during meditation. You can wear a Mala wherever you feel like to suit your purpose including making a fashion statement. Regardless of how you use them, Mala beads amplify spiritual and mental healing.

Making a fashion statement with Mala beads

With fashion shifting to a more conscious lifestyle, you can wear jewelry from various materials including Mala beads. Today, you can wear Mala jewelry outside the yoga studio or meditation room to make a chic, trendy, and hippy fashion statement. Wearing this jewelry communicates to the world your dedication towards yoga and meditation for an extension of mindfulness. Additionally, wearing Mala jewelry makes you feel good about supporting green business practices while harnessing natural energy from the gems.

Types of Mala jewelry

Mala bead necklace

The most convenient and comfortable way to wear Mala jewelry is a necklace. This feels natural and is beautiful to wear. Authentic Mala necklaces are made with crystals, gemstones, seed, and natural wood beads. All these materials have symbolism backed by metaphysical healing properties. The best way to harness this energy is to wear a Mala necklace for the crystals and stones to work with your mantras. There is no better way to benefit from Mala beads than layering multiple gemstone necklaces to channel metaphysical energies to make a nature-inspired fashion statement.

Mala bead bracelet

When looking forward to buy Buddhist Mala beads to make a fashion statement, opt for bracelets. These are worn on the wrists in two options. The first type of Mala bead bracelet has smaller Malas with 21 or 27 beads. You can wear as many as three bracelets at the same time. The beauty of this is to keep seeing and touching the bracelets throughout the day while making positive affirmations.

The second type of Mala bracelets is a full-size bracelet with 108 beads for wearing around the wrist. Avoid wrapping it too tight to prevent breaking the Mala. For comfort, wear the bracelet loosely or tuck the tassel under the beads. Be mindful of physical activity while wearing Mala jewelry to lessen the chances of weakening or breaking the beads.

Benefits of wearing Mala jewelry


Wearing Mala bracelets is good for concentration. Mala beads were created more than a thousand years ago for assistance during prayer. This works like a rosary for counting mantras. You can purchase Mala bracelets without religious connotations to suit your purpose. Using this piece of jewelry regularly on various occasions allows staying focused. This can be during a long meeting, you can stay focused by counting the Mala beads. Other scenarios where the Mala bracelet can keep you focused on include:

  • In classroom
  • While praying for a miracle
  • When stuck in traffic
  • During an important phone conversation

To set intentions

Wearing Mala bracelets with authentic gems allows setting intentions. The gemstones are from energetic material that attracts and repels various energies depending on the gem. These are available for various purposes including abundance, healing, love, and peace. Keep in mind that some gemstones are for healing particular chakras or all.

Making the most from the healing power of the gemstones requires setting the intention and knowing what you want in life. Setting intention requires simple thought before praying, meditating, or other times of day. This states your goal and aspiration to manifest in life.

Best way to wear Mala jewelry

Wearing Mala jewelry allows making a wonderful fashion statement. You can wear a Mala necklace combined with a shorter necklace or a choker. Pairing Mala with gemstone pierces allows feeling its immense power. Consider gems that offer added energy and have healing properties. A good idea is to consider raw stones for re-emphasizing some traits appropriate in meditation like rose quartz and jade for clarity and fortune respectively.

One of the rules to wear Mala jewelry is to avoid it from touching the ground. Periodic cleansing of the jewelry is necessary when feeling surrounded by negative energy. Ensure to wear Mala beads for 40 days to attune them to your energy. Place the beads in direct sunlight for a day or in the moon overnight to recharge and balance out the energy. Don’t allow anyone to touch, feel, hold, or use your Mala.

Keep this in mind

The power of Mala beads diminishes when exposed to people and the environment. So, ensure to keep the jewelry beneath clothing as much as possible. This is necessary when around people with whom you don’t share a similar school of thought. Additionally, it is also necessary when in a less calm and nurturing environment.

In a nutshell

These are various conventional ways to use Mala beads today. You can harness their power while wearing Mala beads in necklaces or beads.

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