Establishing and Creating Connections in Trade Shows

Normally, trade shows have the impression of being a convention that gathers competing business and brands from varying or specific industry into a single venue where they can market, attract the public, and hopefully generate organic leads for the business. These leads are vital because they could produce you a following, and in return, produce your sales in the future if they are convinced enough.

What others do not think trade shows are is a place where you can establish significant connections with other businesses vital to your industry to make better investment decisions in the future, or for them to be convinced to back you. This is what networking does, and in spite the negative connotation runs these operations, it is effective for a business to start drawing one.

Trade shows are the most convenient places to establish this connection because of the networking sessions that normally happen during large conventions like this. That is why this is vital as well, and not just leads.

But how?

That is a good question because where you find stalls for events in Miami maybe enough for your child, but for attracting adults, it is not very attractive to the boatmen.


Having a best friend to go around with is nice, especially in a convention as large as this. However, there are times when you have to separate yourself with an identity to become successful.

Just as mentioned above, trade shows are events where the best of the industry, startups or not, are gathered in one place making this the perfect time to network. Although, networking sessions are set up by organizers, it does not hurt if you personally visit booths during the trade show. Network at your own pace. Sessions are normally timed, and this hurts your chances for a deeper connection. Having that free time to do so at whatever time limitation you want allows you to discover another company more, and make that informed decision that you might not have when you first started.


It does not sound right. Any competitor would not like to be close, all the more become friends, with the enemy. However, no matter how much of a mistake this sounds, it is substantial advice.

Your competition can easily become the inspiration for your next product. This does not necessarily mean you are stealing their idea from them. It simply means they have an idea that you have the opportunity to make better. This is how new products and services come to life – from the idea of another.

The problem is having someone man the fort while you are around gallivanting. If you have a partner, that is good. You can take turns. However, if you are a solo act, then there lies the problem. The solution is having followers who is familiar with your brand like the back of their hand. Bring them over and let them man the station as you go about your business.


Trade shows are normally chock full of workshops to help develop the talent around the many industries that are present. When a talk is set-up for the trade show you are participating in, volunteer to become a speaker. This gives you valuable exposure, especially to people that you do not have regular access to. The longer your exposure is, the better it will be for your business.

Of course, make sure that you have a substantive talk, otherwise, it would reflect badly against the company and that would be counterproductive, and all efforts will be for naught.

First time comers might not know this, and their experience might just be belittled by others who have been in the game longer. So, if you still want to volunteer, do so in the next conference. Meet who is responsible for this and ask to be booked as one of the speakers for the convention out.


Do not keep to yourself. Attend social gathering that are held for the event because the more people you become friends with, not only can they become potential customers in the future, but they can help refer you to a friend who might just be the cog you need to push your business even further.

On the other hand, there will be times when you meet an individual who may be spearheading a different industry. Meeting them is still alright. You can use them to lead you to channels that might make your business, products and services, become better, and although you attended trade shows as competitors, this does not mean friendship cannot be made because collaboration in industries are real and a marketing strategy that you should take the opportunity to use.

Establishing connections is vital for business. These are entities that pushes your business forward; making you better.

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