Deploying Phantom Fireworks to Improve Safety

Phantom Fireworks, the country’s leading consumer fireworks vendor, advises everyone to use fireworks responsibly. The number of injuries per 100,000 pounds of consumer fireworks usage decreased by 74.7% from 1994 to 2021, despite a 265% rise in consumption. Since the numbers have been recorded, these astounding figures show the lowest injury rate and the biggest use of pyrotechnics.

The number of fireworks used grew from 117 million pounds in 1994 to 428.80 million pounds in 2021, yet the total number of injuries per 100,000 pounds of fireworks used decreased from 10.7 to 2.7 during the same period. Phantom Fireworks is dedicated to continue its efforts to lower the injury rate even more. Phantom advises everyone to keep the safety guidelines in mind as they prepare their fireworks displays to guarantee a safe environment.

Phantom urges its audience to respect their neighbors while they let off fireworks. Make sure to have open contact with your neighbors regarding the time you will be firing your fireworks before deciding to put them on display at your house. You should also ensure that the timing falls within the criteria set by your local regulations. As most fireworks displays stop by 11 p.m., avoid starting too late in the evening.

You should always try to maintain a safe distance from any observers or inhabited buildings and choose a location. Phantom advises a safe distance of at least 150 feet between aerial fireworks and ground-based fireworks, such as fountains.

You must have a ready supply of water in the event of an accident. The ideal option is a connected hose, but you may also use a fire extinguisher or a pail of water. When you’re through, put your spent fireworks in a covered metal container and dispose of them outdoors, far from any structures, dousing them in water.

Phantom Fireworks, a market pioneer in consumer fireworks, encourages customers to educate themselves regarding their products and how to use them properly.

Below are a few of the most crucial safety precautions that Phantom Fireworks urges:

  • Children must not handle the fireworks; a sober adult must control them.
  • Water should be accessible (hose; a bucket of water)
  • Bricks can stabilize aerials, tubes, and fountains to prevent tipping.
  • When igniting fireworks, wear protective equipment (gloves and glasses).
  • Take weather into consideration (including using a flashlight at night)
  • Use fireworks on level, firm surfaces; if you wish to shoot on grass, place a piece of plywood down first.
  • Shoot in a clean, open location with plenty of space between the launch point and spectators (150 feet for aerials and 35 to 50 feet for ground objects).
  • Be respectful to your neighbors, especially the veterans.
  • During fireworks, keep pets indoors, and urge your neighbors who own pets to do the same (the noise can frighten animals).


Phantom Fireworks places a high premium on safety, and it’s crucial to remember that safety and fireworks must go hand in hand. All are encouraged to take the time to learn how to utilize firework appropriately.

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