Commercial Cleaning Tips from the Experts

A clean office space is not only aesthetic and presentable, but also feels most productive. However, a cluttered space can put a bad impression on your clients and make your employees lose focus. This is the reason it is important to keep your office clean and organized to make your work environment conducive.

However, despite its importance, many office owners only think about their staff’s productivity and not the cleaning process. But keeping an office clean will keep your staff healthy and your space more efficient.

This is why experts recommend that you must get your place of business cleaned by a professional. It doesn’t take long and makes your workspace more functional.

Thanks to its growing popularity, you can easily find reliable cleaners in your vicinity online by using helpful search terms like commercial janitorial services near me.

While the professional treatment is required regularly, you can also use the following tips to keep your office clean and dust free.

Organize, organize, organize

If you don’t follow a proper organizational method, your office can look like a cluttered mess with files and papers everywhere. The first thing you need to do is invest in file folders and drawers to avoid this disorderliness. You can also equip each desk with desk trays as well as wall pockets that will allow your employees to keep things stacked neatly. It goes without saying that a clean desk is a productive one. This will help the staff put their most important documents in a place where they can reach them with ease.

Create a checklist

It is advisable to make a checklist of things that need to be cleaned. This is especially important if the commercial cleaning company is due to arrive. Office cleaning needs are not the same as residential and your cleaning company is well aware of that. However, a checklist will point them in the right direction such as your reception desk, a shared kitchen space, breakout areas, meeting rooms, carpets, common workspace etc.

Get your carpets cleaned

Carpets and rugs are usually installed in heavy traffic area. Needless to say, they gather dust and grime on a daily basis. Not getting them cleaned regularly can make them look unsightly and also become a health risk for people with breathing disorders. To avoid that, you must get your carpets cleaned at least once every week with steam cleaning. 

Use non-toxic products only

There are a lot of people that work in an office and they all have different allergies. When you are getting your office commercially cleaned, try to rope in a company that uses non-toxic cleaners. These products do not pose any threat to environment or to the health of your workers. They are made using natural ingredients and won’t cause any illness down the line.

Use of sophisticated equipment

Modern problems require modern solutions, so why should your office be any different. Cleaning a bathroom with a dirty mop will do more damage than good. This is the reason your commercial cleaners should only use good equipment that can clean thoroughly and disinfect the surfaces too. The last thing you want is mildew growth and the annoying smell of residual cleaning product trailing behind.

Encourage your staff to keep their environs clean

Getting your office cleaned is not just your responsibility but also your employees’. You must encourage them to keep their files in neat piles, throw garbage in the dustbin only, and follow basic hygiene practices to keep their immediate environs clean. You can also issue simple dust cloth to each employee that they can use to wipe their monitors and keyboards before working on them.

Clean the waiting rooms

When your clients come for a visit or prospective employees come for an interview, the waiting rooms are usually the place where they would spend a lot of time. It is important to keep this area clean and aesthetically pleasing so as to set the right impression on the visitor. Make sure that the magazines are placed in a bin, the cushions are straightened, and trash cans have been emptied regularly.

Place mats at all entry points

The best way to avoid outdoor dust to enter your premises is to place mats at every entry point. Encourage your visitors and staff to wipe their feet before entering. This will keep the office floors clean.

It goes without saying that a clean office is a successful one. So, make sure you hire a competent cleaning company and have them give your workspace deep cleaning regularly to keep your workspace tidy and spotless.

With all this in mind, if you are looking for a cleaning expert, then make sure you do proper research and due diligence before hiring the mala.

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