Business Ideas for Introverts

Like it or not, most of business is working with people. Typically you have to work with people when you go to a job. But you have to work with people when you own a business too.

Working with and interacting with human beings largely unavoidable in life and business.

But if you’re an introvert, there are some businesses that are better than others.

For example, consulting is probably not a good business to start because communicating back and forth with people most of what the job entails.

You also probably don’t want to start a business that’s too heavy on one-to-one selling, which would be pretty much any business that sells a B2B product or service.

Here are some businesses for those introverts that are looking to have a fewest human interactions as possible.

  1. Internet Marketing

There are a lot of ways to make money online without having to work with actual human beings. Internet marketing is one of those businesses.

You can start a blog or a niche website. Yes, you’re communicating, but it’s not one-on-one interaction. You don’t even have to respond to email, reply to comments or tweet back at people if you choose not to.

Starting a blog around your interests and using ad services like Google Adsense or Amazon Associates Program can eliminate the need to interact with people. You don’t have customers you need to deal with. You don’t have to deal with vendors.

It’s just you and your computer working from wherever you choose.

  1. eCommerce Business

If you want to scale up and go bigger, you can start a eCommerce business. Unlike a brick and mortar retail store that requires you to hire and manage employees and deal with customers and vendors all day, eCommerce is as low human interaction as you can get for retail.

You will need to field customer service requests, but you can easily outsource that to a firm that specializes in that or hire a contractor to take care of it. But that’s still nothing compared to having to deal with an entire staff of people and customers physically walking through the door of a store.

This is especially true if you use a platform like Magento Enterprise where you don’t even need a website team to build a platform for you. Magento does require come customization that you may need a developer to work on. If you want something more streamlined and don’t want to work with software engineers, check out this Magento Enterprise alternative that is more plug and play.

There are software subscriptions you can buy that will do many of the same functions that human beings used to do. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, it’ll become easier and easier to avoid working with people.

  1. App Developer

Most smartphone apps don’t require an entire team of software engineers. There are many phone app entrepreneurs who work alone.

They find a niche or a need, and then build an app around it. Then they run the Google, Facebook and Apple iTunes ads to promote their apps. They wake up the more and rinse and repeat.

  1. Freelance Writer

Being a staff writer requires a lot of human interaction. You usually have a marketing director or editor breathing down your neck. But if you love to write but want the creative freedom that comes with being alone, freelance writing may be the right business for you.

There are a lot of outsourcing websites that have clients looking for freelance writers. Many times, you don’t even need to speak with them. They’ll put the order up as directed and then you just start writing. It can be that simple.

Of course, many best selling novelists are also introverts themselves. They are known for locking themselves in a cabin in the woods all alone to do their writing. It’s an introverts dream. Of course, getting a book contract to be able to do that is another story.

  1. House Cleaner

Maybe you don’t have super specialized skills like coding or writing. But everyone can clean houses.

House cleaning business is great for introverts. The only interaction you should have is up front when you get the clients. But after that, it should be set it and forget it. They’ll hand you the keys, you’ll have a regular weekly or monthly schedule and come in and do the cleaning and leave.

You Need Human Interaction 

These are some options that don’t require much human interaction. That being said, everyone needs at least a little interaction with live human beings. It’s baked into us, even for extreme introverts.

If you are able to build a business around you that allows you to indulge in your true personality, don’t forget to get out every now and then and talk to a human being. It’s still important for your well-being, happiness and sanity.

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