Astrological Calculations Control Fear Of the Unknown

The times today have become extremely unpredictable, and there’s pressure on virtually every person. If one considers high amount of money as a benchmark, the stakes are much higher for celebrities than for ordinary persons. To ensure that an individual is able to walk on the best path to fulfillment of his goals in life, consultation from a well known astrologer is highly recommended.

Vedic astrology is a science which originated in India and determines the effects of planetary positions in and motions on human beings, and other forms of life as well. This science has been well described in Atharva veda, a type of Hindu religious text. The best astrologer in India can make correct astrological predictions on the basis of planetary motions with the help of complex mathematical calculations.

The good and the bad change with time

There has been a sea change in what is considered as good and bad over the last 30 years or so.  These parameters are based on how society wants individuals to progress as a whole. For example, the idea behind choosing either medicine or engineering as a stable career and then supporting one’s family was considered as good karma, and was accompanied by positive planetary yogas. In today’s times, leaving a stable career to start a new one or to start one in an unconventional field is the norm, and makes many individuals consult top Indian astrologers.

What makes people trust astrology?

Today, the coronavirus pandemic has made lives miserable across the world. Apart from killing and infecting several people, it has also brought about dramatic downturns in several businesses. Hope is the only thing afloat right now, and people look up to reliable astrologers for the same. Certain changes in business approaches and in the environment around can help individuals cope better, and the way forward is determined by astrologers. Predictions coming true in a person’s life help build trust on astrologers.

The perfect blend of Vedic astrology and modern technology

A large number of online astrological ventures are coming up these days. More and more venture capitalists today are willing to put in their time and money into astrology. Mobile apps have come in by the hordes into this field. By showing your hand in front of the smartphone camera, a lot of details can be revealed. Young astrologers these days understand that astrologer will move parallel to technological and other scientific developments in the world.

The logic behind astrology startups

India is a country of great contradictions. On one hand, traditional families do not take major decisions in their lives without consulting their family astrologers. However, on the other hand, people don’t really want others to know about them visiting or consulting astrologers, for fear of a negative image. So, instead of going to a recognized astrologer with several regular clients, people look for private options where one company can help them get in touch with the right guru. This is the best possible way of maintaining confidentiality in today’s times. 

India’s youth believes in astrology

Astrology has always been a slightly controversial subject, but its popularity has always been high despite this. The youth believes in astrology because of the belief that being aware of the future will help them take precautionary measures if necessary. It will also allow them to be in full control of the ultimate outcome. And yes, they cannot help but not ignore the number of entrepreneurs getting into this field today. It is the fear of the unknown which ultimately drives astrology’s popularity chart northwards.

Relationships, career, and marriage are the most common questions

A threesome that includes relationships, careers and marriages is what forms the basis of any individual. In total, these three govern more than 90% of a person’s time. A huge majority of individuals who want to know their futures lie in the age bracket of 22-40 years. However, there are slight variations in the type of questions asked women, in comparison to men. Women wish to find out the most about their relationships, careers and marriages, whereas men are more curious to know about their relationships, and how beautiful their wives would be.

As per Western astrology, charts are prepared on the basis of the tropical calendar, in which positions of the planets, moon, and sun are fixed. In comparison, Vedic astrology makes use of the soli lunar calendar and the sidereal system, due to which constellations and stars are the moving frames of references. In terms of both systems, individuals look for sun sign predictions, and try to connect the predictions to their lives. Most of us follow the Western astrological system to determine the traits of our sun signs as per birthdays. Discussing sun signs is very common among the youth, but not everyone believes in these forecasts. In a similar manner, it is not compulsory for every individual to believe in astrology.

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