All You Should Know About the Durability Of A Fireclay Apron Front Sink

A lot happens when planning to remodel your kitchen. The sink is one of the most used elements in the kitchen. When on the search for the right sink, the market is filled with various options in a range of materials including porcelain, fireclay, ceramic, and stainless steel. Opting for a classy fireclay apron sink is a great choice. Read on to discover why.

Understanding a fireclay farmhouse sink

A farmhouse or apron-front sink made of fireclay has a large deep basin. This sink is usually attached to three sides of the counter to look like an apron. The sink has a stylish smooth surface that makes it very practical to use. Access the basin for an apron sink is easy for its design making it ideal for heavy-duty use.

Ire clay gives the sink exceptional durability and longevity. This unique material is glazed clay fired at scorching temperature to create this highly durable and heavy-duty material. Apart from practicality, a fire clay apron sink comes with a stylish and timeless appeal. This makes the sink a great investment in modern homes. The sink becomes a strong focal point wherever it is installed.

Fireclay vs. porcelain sink

Porcelain is a popular material for sinks but fireclay is taking over in modern kitchens. Fireclay sinks are handmade with artisans using white clay found in particular regions of the world. The clay is mixed with water and poured into molds to dry in a humidity-controlled area. Afterward, the clay is hand-glazed and fired at extreme temperatures to fuse the clay and glaze. This leads to the material for making strong and non-porous sinks.

You can easily find fireclay apron front sinks that are damage and heat resistant from a reputable online supplier. Porcelain looks like fireclay but less durable and more susceptible to discoloration and chips. Sinks made from porcelain are colorful while fireclay options come in white and off-white.

Fireclay vs.cast iron sink

Sinks are also made from cast iron. This is made from cast iron after heating iron at extreme temperatures. After melting, the iron is poured to cool in a mold. Cast iron is given a heavy porcelain enamel finish to protect the sink from rust. Sinks from cast iron are cheaper, show fewer water spots, and available in various colors. In comparison, fire clay is extremely durable, withstands heavy use, and rust-free.

Installing a fireclay kitchen sink

A fireclay sink doesn’t require leaning over the counter making it comfortable to use while holding various dishes. Installation of this sink is possible under or over the counter. Ensure that the counter can support the weight of your drop-in farmhouse sink. Additionally, this sink has extra depth and might require leaning over to reach the bottom.

So, this might cause some extra splashing when doing the dishes. Fortunately, the extra depth avails more storage space for dishes in the kitchen. You can use a garbage disposal with an apron sink after checking compatibility. Fireclay material is thicker and requires accessories including faucets and drain inserts to install.

Maintaining the durability of a fireclay sink

A fireclay apron sink is durable and built to last but the finish can get chipped or scratched. However, a reputable fireclay apron sink brand is less likely to chip and scratch compared to porcelain. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning materials to limit wear and tear of your sink. A rubber spatula is appropriate for scraping food away from a fireclay sink. Appropriate care is required to prevent discoloration and ensure to dry off this sink basin to limit water spots.

How to make the most from an apron front sink 

A farmhouse sink doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes. So, installing the faucet is on the wall or countertop. Special attention is necessary on the front to back length of the sink. This allows determining the space necessary to leave behind for cleaning and installing the faucet. Accurate measurements and double-checking the appropriate requirements for the faucet spout height and reach is essential.

The finish for your apron front sink should match your lifestyle and purpose in the kitchen. Opt for a beautiful finish to match your décor. Select a sink from a reputable brand with a finish that won’t wear off. Chrome us a durable finish but might not might your interior design palette. Check the thickness of the countertop and water lines to ensure it matches the faucet. This requires checking the size of the shut-off valve. Have a professional to replace the valve to install an appropriate faucet.

Bottom line

A fireclay farmhouse sink is a great investment when looking forward to giving your kitchen a new look. This sink is extremely durable to give you more bangs for your money backed by a timeless appeal. Choose a sink from a reputable brand with the right finish and design to match your décor and purpose.

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