6 Traits of a Good Wedding Photographer

Weddings are quite an important affair! One of the most important aspects that make your day even more special is the wedding photography. It isn’t just about pointing and clicking, it is much more than that. There is a difference between a photographer and an awesome photographer. An excellent photographer should be able to capture the most beautiful moments and turn them into lovely memories forever. You could look for a professional wedding photography service that has some great photographers to make your day even more special. You should feel comfortable with the photographer as a person because he will be capturing your most intimate moments throughout the day. We have made a list of some traits that an awesome wedding photographer should have so that your big day becomes the most memorable day of your life.

Let’s go through them:

They Should Have an Impressive Portfolio

professional wedding photography service will show you their photographer’s best portfolio. Sample work will talk a lot about the photographer and their abilities. If the work is impressive, you can tick the first requirement of the checklist. If they are not able to produce a sample work, you should not go ahead with the deal. Also, make sure you ask relevant questions regarding their previous work. If it’s their original work, they will answer your questions confidently.

They Should have the patience

Weddings are long events and require lots of patience. An awesome photographer should be able to handle delays and long ceremonies. You don’t want someone who gets irritated and shows disinterest while doing the job. Having patience is the most important maturity trait of a wedding photographer. A short-tempered photographer is a strict no-no for your wedding. Patience is the key trait of a wedding photographer apart from their talent.

They Should Always be Alert

There may be many things happening at the same time at a wedding, especially if it’s an Indian wedding. An awesome photographer should have his eyes all over the venue and direct his team to cover all such moments.He should be able to get that perfect shot without disturbing too many people.He should seamlessly do his job and cover the candid moments along with the obvious family and couple pictures. He should not spend too much time in one corner of the room ignoring the rest of the activities. An awesome photographers can select the venue before the wedding to get an idea of the place.

They Should Have an Attention to Detail

This quality will reflect in a photographer right from the first meeting. The kind of questions they ask about the minute details of your wedding dress, your family members, some couple-related questions and the cake etc. say a lot about the photographer. A casual photographer will do it as a job without paying any attention to detail but a passionate photographer will make you feel comfortable with their work. An awesome photographer should plan the whole day by discussing the details with you before the wedding and avoid last-minute hiccups.

They Should be Friendly

The most important job of a wedding photographer is to make people smile and pose. A wedding photographer should be warm and friendly by default. They should not be egoistic and rude. You can test this quality by doing a few test shots with the photographer. An awesome wedding photographer can interact with people from all backgrounds and not judge anyone. He should also have the skills to make the couple comfortable with each other in front of the camera. A good wedding photographer should not judge and comment if they are not able to get the desired shot. It’s his job to make the people align with his idea and not the other way round. He should also understand your reservations when it comes to clicking intimate pictures and not do it just because he likes the concept.

They Should Have the Best Equipment

Last but not the least criteria for a good wedding photographer are his investment in the equipment. An outdated camera means the photographer is not serious about his work. An awesome photographer will have the top-notch camera and the supporting props. He should also train his team for better synchronization during the whole event. They should have enough co-ordination and understand all your requirements. An awesome photographer knows when is the right time to click and how much light is required. He knows which type of lens is used during a close shot and which one is used during a big family picture. He should have a good aesthetic sense, be quick and efficient. An awesome photographer brings all his tools along and sets it up way before the ceremony begins.

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