6 Reasons Re-Keying Locks Is Better than Replacement on Multiple Occasions

Lost your lock key? Moving into a new property with existing locks on doors and windows? Is, yes, then maybe you would be thinking about changing the locks.However, for the aware ones, there is a better solution to this – re-keying the locks. Yes, sometimes, and in fact, on many occasions just re-keying your locks prove to be a much better solution than going through the entire lock replacement.

What is Lock Re-Keying?

For all those wondering what a lock re-key is all about; it is a simple technique through which the existing tumblers in the lock cylinder are changed. In laymen terms, it is about changing the locking and unlocking mechanism of the lock technically, so the older key associated with that lock becomes non-functioning with that lock, and starts accepting the new set of keys. So, next time you move into a new home, hire a locksmith in Tulsa OK, or wherever you live, and ask them about re-keying rather than traditional lock replacement process.

Is Lock Re-Key Beneficial? When It Becomes Befitting?

Your home or commercial premise security is paramount to you. And there are times when lock re-keying just proves a better, security-enhancing option for you.

1. Lock re-keying proves to be a much more cost-effective solution than changing the entire lock. So, you get to fulfill the security purpose you were looking for, and without bearing the expenses that come with complete lock replacement. Lock re-keying is way more affordable.

2. If you or someone in your family has lost the front door key, and you are worried about who can find that key and may jeopardize your door security, go for the lock re-keying process – cost-effective, fast, and suitable solution for the circumstance.

3. When moving into a new property, the previous owner of the property may have a set of keys for the locks. It is something that bothers people greatly, and they more often go for changing the entire locks. Instead of replacement, just a simple, fast and way cheaper process of lock re-keying will do the job for you. It will make the old set of keys available with the previous owner redundant.

4. If you are living with a roommate or with your partner, and they move out of the home; they may carry along their key with them. If you are concerned about the safety of your home and do not want them unauthorized access, get your locks re-keyed.

5. With re-keying you not just get the job done fast, economical (especially if doing for a large number of locks), you also have a freshly cut set of keys and you can have the complete control of who has the keys and is allowed the access.

6. With re-keying you can get your home as well as office lock set to a certain one key mechanism, thereby eliminating the complexity of carrying multiple keys to open multiple locks.

So, next time you find yourself in such a situation, hire a locksmith in Tulsa OK, or elsewhere, and ask them just to re-key the locks instead of a complete lock replacement.

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