6 Best Apps to Create a Stunning CV in a Few Clicks

Let’s face it, students do not always have time to deal with the tricks of CV writing. Moreover, not everyone knows how to make it skyrocket! Sometimes a dream vacancy appears at the most uncomfortable moment, and you need to respond instantly so as not to miss an opportunity.

Fortunately, in the age of smartphones and tablets, this can be done literally on the go. With the right application, you can quickly create your CV, wherever you are. We have prepared a list of the best applications that will help you with your CV.

Visual CV Resume Builder

This is a very convenient application that allows you to create a CV in a few clicks. The program will automatically generate a resume based on your information. The advantage is that if you add special links, you can find out if someone has opened your resume. You can add media files to publish your CV on the Internet and convert them to PDF.

Resume Star

With this application, you can not only easily create a CV, but also immediately send it to employers directly from the application. You will not encounter any difficulties working with the application; everything is extremely simple.

You fill in the information that demonstrates your personality, and then you can preliminarily examine how the final result will look. Then you can confirm the option, and convert it to PDF. The application has grammar checking, various fonts, and many templates.

Resume Builder Pro

With this application, you can create your CV in DOCX format. Without any problems, you can quickly update and supplement any information. The application allows you to save it in the cloud storage so as not to overflow the memory of your gadget. As soon as you create your CV, it will be delivered to your email.

Resume PDF Maker / CV Builder

This application will help you create a resume based on what position you plan to occupy. For example, you may choose the position of trainee or more experienced employee.

The key advantage is that you can use it for free and even offline. You simply enter the information, and then the program creates the desired format for your CV. The program will provide you with 7 ready-made templates that will certainly impress your potential employer.

My Resume Builder App

This application is a great option for an Android device that helps you create an attractive resume. This application does not require any registration procedure; you just need to fill in the information for CV. After that, you should select the desired template and save the final version in the desired format.

PathSource Résumé

This is one more popular application that will help you with the creation of your CV. The creation procedure is similar to previous applications. However, there is one difference. After you create the final version of the resume, a new copy that you will be able to change soon will be created. Thus, you may have a lot of versions of your CV.

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As you can see, there are many applications for creating a brilliant CV. Moreover, there is a way to cope with your academic tasks, as well. All that remains for you is the choice of the application that you like.

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