5 Tips on Keeping the Romance Alive While Living in a Joint Family

It is common among people from some parts of the world to live in joint families where extended family members live together. The joint family arrangement continues even after marriage. Due to the presence of all of those family members, including in-laws, it may be difficult for marital partners to maintain their romance because there is a need for couples to be discreet and cautious about their sex life and other marital issues. All the same, to keep life going on, there are some things that spouses can do to keep the romance alive even when living in a joint family.

Look for some couple time

While it could come out as rude to announce that you are intending to have some time together as a couple, you can avoid it by doing some meticulous planning. You need to make the most of any time that you can get for just the two of you. Official trips can offer a good time to be together, so as a couple, you can plan to accompany each other on such a trip. If you have friends who do not live in a joint family setup, you can have them allow you and your spouse some space and time to revive your romance. Where these options are not possible, look for family errands that you could do together and you can spend more time in the car or in queues. Cafes are also a place where you can have romantic chats.


Marriage partners need to maintain clear communication that is devoid of misunderstanding. As a couple, you should share your views on the lack of privacy and decide how to cope with it. When it comes to communication, it is important that you listen to each other, and men especially need to practice this since they are often hasty to offer solutions or judge while women want to be listened to. The same applies to partners living hundreds of miles apart, maybe after having met online through a dating site like happymatches.com. Good communication, even over the phone or chatting apps, is vital for the continuation and growth of the relationship.

Take vacations

Couples need to spend quality time together without any distractions from other people. While it is difficult or almost impossible at home, going on a vacation is a good option. The change of environment and the opportunity for the two of you to be together are the greatest things that vacations offer. Taking vacations annually or half-yearly can help to reignite the romance and make up for the time and fun missed out on in the crowded family environment.

Make the most of small windows of opportunity

The fact that you live in a joint family does not mean there are no small windows of opportunity that you can take full advantage of. You also need to be keen to not miss these windows. Whenever you are together, like during bedtime, enjoy each other’s company and get intimate but avoid using those times to discuss serious family issues that will make both of you get worked up. You could also spend time watching a movie while cuddling when other family members are asleep.

Have healthy talks with other family members

Though a couple does have some responsibility in keeping their privacy, the other family members should keep some distance and give some space. Talking with the other family members about the circumstances is a good step. Family can have some mutually agreed ground rules to help in having a good co-existence. Seeking help from the family is also a good idea if you need some romantic time.


Couples can keep the romance alive even in a joint family setup by seizing any opportunity, including in the presence of others, to express affection for each other by hugging or holding hands without going overboard with it. Even during family festivities and occasions that are common with joint families, marital partners can complement each other on their attire and get close while doing some activities together.

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