5 Corporate Events and After-Work Social Functions in Toronto


There are so many corporate event venues in Toronto that can host an excellent corporate event or just a small after social work function for you and a few of your coworkers. It is good to know that regardless of what your idea of an after-work social function; there is always an idea at popevents.ca that can impact how employees perform. Some great ideas for a corporate and after-work social function in Toronto include;


bocce golf - Newznext.com

As much as not everyone is a fan of golf, you should know that indoor bocce golf is more than your conventional understanding. With other amazing things to do after a delightful game of bocce golf like having the best wings in your life, you will always have a great time with your coworkers. However, it is good to know that to be able to get a chance to enjoy this game with friends or colleagues; you need to ensure that you book early enough.

Go bowling

Go bowling - Newznext.com

Bowling is another excellent way to get to know the people you work with beyond their typical work environment. There are several ballrooms in Toronto; hence you have the benefit of choosing the best ballroom for your activities. Additionally, you will want to ensure that if you are planning for a bowling session with your colleagues, you make reservations early enough especially if you intend to use several lanes.

Arcade for adult

Arcade for adult - Newznext.com

If there is one thing that many adults have forgotten to do is to have fun. That is why most of the team building activities conducted by corporates are full of enjoyable games. From the adult arcade, you can enjoy hundreds of fun adult games that will improve your life. By competing on something else out of the regular work routine, you will help coworkers have a better understanding of each other’s capabilities.

Throw a ping pong tournament

Throw a ping pong tournament - Newznext.com

There are various ways of doing this. Some people are gifted with the power of organizing games like ping pong at the workplace because it does not demand less. Additionally, you should know that you could always have your ping pong tournament hosted and organized by booking for a private event at either SPiN or pong bar.

Archery tag

Archery tag - Newznext.com

The whole essence of getting your coworkers to take part in team building activities is to release the work tension and to get to learn more about your fellows. With fake arrows and enough space to run around, you and your office mates are likely to have so much fun.


When it comes to having some good time outside the office, it is imperative that employees understand the main reason why they need to work together. By enhancing teamwork through games and other fun activities, coworkers are at a better chance of improving productivity compared to a company whose employees do not take part in other activities outside the office environment. Additionally, these are so many options when it comes to places to go and things to do in Toronto thanks to the availability of the right facilities.


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