4 Types of Tricone Drill Bit Bearings

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Have you ever seen a bearing? You probably have, it is present in almost everything that can rotate from your fan to your car wheels.

What about the drilling machines used for rock drilling? They cannot use these standards bearing, but they cannot work without them either, so they need unique designs. Most of the drills like the Tricone drill have blades that rotate at a very high temperature and pressure, and that needs to be considered.

If you have a little bit or no idea about bearings these bits use, go on, this article is for you.

Open Roller Bearing:

The open roller bearing is similar to the standard bearing you use this excavation attachments but its material and durability are a lot better. They are considered basic bearing when it comes to drilling because of their no complex structure. They are completely open and because they don’t have any kind of seal and the mud can flow through them. The mud and fluids that flow through this bearing have debris which can accumulate and block it. Even though they don’t have limited depth, they are mostly used for shallow drilling. They are cheap in manufacturing but cleaning them after regular intervals of time and make them time-consuming and therefore not suitable for deep drilling.

Air-Cooled Roller Bearings:

These bearing are equipped with an advanced air blast system for better performance. They usually are attached with a high-pressure air source which provides cooling and lubrication. Unlike the open roller bearing these bearing have pressurized air cleaning and removing drilling debris. They exhibit better performance and can go deeper than simple rollers.  It’s cleaning, and protective abilities are good but fail at a certain level and therefore need betterment. They also need continuous pressurized air and that need special machines and manpower.

Sealed Roller Bearings:

The sealed roller bearing drill bits have all the functionalities of the roller bearing, but it is also equipped with a high durability ‘o’ ring. The ring makes sure that no dirt can enter or reach the rollers and eliminate the risk of blocking. These bearing are designed for deeper drilling and high temperature and for that; they have lubrication and compensation system. It have a very long life and doesn’t need frequent cleaning. Its efficiency is better than both the previous bearing and that is why, it’s known to add extra support without extra manpower.

Sealed Journal Bearings:

These types of bearing, are used for high-end applications of drill rig. They are excellent when it comes to efficiency and life and can drill very deep holes without any cleaning and extra support. They are completely sealed with lubrication and the compensations system that makes sure it stays cool even at the highest temperature. It also makes sure that nothing can enter the roller, not even the grease in the reservoir.

Sealed journal bearing usually use floating bush of high heat resistive material like silver plated beryllium copper. The material is generally self-lubricating and therefore reduces heat produced. The two races that hold balls also spread the load throughout the body to supplement roller movement without much friction. It doesn’t get affected by high load and makes sure that your work can run smoothly in the toughest conditions.

Rock drilling has become a very significant part of human life, but tearing of rocks is not possible without right drilling and. There are a lot of manufacturers who provide services but there is always room for more innovation. There is no technology which that cannot be developed and there is no, rock that cannot be pierced.


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